Pilates Education is not only very important, but it is also critical for your safety and peace of mind. At Pilates Santa Fe, we have been certifying teachers since 1993. All Pilates Santa Fe teachers are certified and undergo rigorous continuing education courses. This way, you will receive some of the best Pilates teachings in the world. Pilates Santa Fe teachers are all trained in wellness and complementary alternative medicine. Learn more about our master Pilates instructor.

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Alessandra Dallera

He was born in Milan and raised in different cities in Italy and throughout Europe. As a young girl, she trained as a ballerina; after an accident that ended her dancing career, she became a top athlete. Alessandra has a degree in Classic Studies and Philosophy from the University Statale di Milano and a Master's Degree from St. Johns College, U.S.A. 

She holds many Certifications in various massages systems, including Trager, Alexander, Cranial Sacral, Brimhall Wellness, Eden, Ahshiatsu, Visceral Manipulation, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic, and Graduated in Thailand Thai massage. She is also a certified nutritionist. Since 2000 Alessandra has been a fully Certified Pilates Instructor, certified from Pilates Santa Fe. She has also studied with Michelle Larsson.

Alessandra is one of the first to create the "New" Pilates, which combines the five styles of Pilates, including Classical and blending with Western and Eastern Medicine to produce long-lasting, deep, and profound health benefits. Alessandra is the Director of Advanced Studies at Pilates Santa Fe.

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Jeannette Curtis

She is originally from Michigan and has been a New Mexican since 2000. She held a degree in Liberal Arts and was fully certified in Pilates in 2004. Jeannette has practiced Yoga since 1985 and became certified as a Yoga Instructor in 1996. She gently incorporates the wisdom of Yoga with her clear and precise Pilates instruction. She is enrolled in the Certification program of the Alexander Neuromuscular re-education, as well as the new healing system of CoreAlign.

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Suellen Haag

The former Managing Director of the Sokolow Dance Foundation holds a B.A. in Art Education from Kutztown University and an M.F.A. in Modern Dance Performance from the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts.  She has also studied at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and the Limon Institute, both in N.Y.C.  As managing director of the S.D.F., Ms. Haag has assisted and set reconstructions of Ms. Sokolow's repertory, taught Sokolow Legacy Workshops, and helped to archive the vast repertory of Anna Sokolow.

Notably, Ms. Haag was a member of Sokolow Now!, The Anna Sokolow Contemporary Dance Company and a founding member of Dancefusion, a Philadelphia contemporary modern dance company. Performing credits also include dancing with Anna Sokolow's Players' Project in New York and numerous independent performance projects in Philadelphia and New York.

Suellen has been working in the Pilates method since 1985 and has been teaching since 1995.  She trained in the original tradition of Joe Pilates by being a client for eight years and then apprenticing for two years under the tutelage of Karen Carlson. Ms. Carlson is the founder and owner of Pineland Pilates in Philadelphia, a nationally recognized Pilates training program.

Additionally, she has studied with Jean-Claude West and Louis Shultz and most recently received a Level I certification in Zenga from Stott.

In Philadelphia, Suellen had her own practice of private clients.  Upon moving to New England, she taught at C.O.R.E, Providence, RI; L. C. Pilates, Little Compton, RI; and Rhythm and Flow Studio in Sharon, MA, a Balanced Body certified studio.

Ms. Haag feels that having been a professional dancer in Philadelphia and New York City for over 30 years has been an asset in teaching Pilates and helps her to be a creative teacher.

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Theresa Shrader

New Mexico Native: Born in Northern New Mexico, raised in Las Cruces & Santa Fe.
Married with two grown sons. My husband is a local small business owner.
Has been teaching Pilates Since 2000, certified in 2001. Certified with Raymond Kurshalls at Pilates Santa Fe. Started practicing Pilates in 1995. Has a 12-year background in dance, studied Ballet & Jazz with Sue West, Broadway Jazz with Sam Shankman, and Contemporary Dance with Maryanne Newhall. Worked for three years as an exercise therapist with local Chiropractors. Attended the University of Maryland in Europe and graduated from Santa Fe High School.

Personal Thoughts: Upon first becoming a Pilates instructor, my main goal was to see the benefits of exercise in people's lives. I was given the opportunity to work with people who had ailments, injuries, and physical Limitations. I discovered I liked that. I like to work with people of all ages who face challenges; to change the way we see an exercise for the individual. Working with all types of people, Men, women, athletes, dancers, children & the elderly. Able-bodied people sometimes just need to improve subtleties in their work, dancers need to learn how to stay strong & healthy while excelling, but people with limitations can still find the means to improve through exercise. Working with people with scoliosis, Parkinson's, Spinal Stenosis, Cerebral Palsy, or hip & knee replacements, as well as everyday injuries, has given me the ability to help people find a better quality of movement, all based on the Principles that Joseph Pilates established in his work.

Pilates Santa Fe is always interested in fully Certified, well-trained, and caring Instructors.
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