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Lessons and Fees

Welcome to Pilates Santa Fe, the only authentic Pilates and Wellness Center in New Mexico. Pilates Santa Fe is the only studio that combines 5 of the 6 original Joseph Pilates techniques and philosophies. For the past consecutive 15 years, Pilates Santa Fe has won 1st Place in the Best of Santa Fe.

All Pilates Santa Fe sessions are by appointment. The sessions are taught by fully certified and experienced teachers.

The Pilates Santa Fe is open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM. Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM. You may have an appointment earlier or later or on Sunday by special arrangement.

We offer a private (one-on-one) session, duets (semi-privates) consisting of two clients and trios. We also offer group classes (one teacher) throughout the week with Mat, Accessories and Pilates equipment.

Group Equipment classes have a maximum of four students. Group Mat classes have a max of fifteen students.

Mat and Specialty Group class have limited availability. Be sure to reserve your spot.

Pilates Santa Fe clients consist of children, teens, adults, seniors and persons with disabilities.


Please Call To Schedule An Appointment Or Group Class:

(505) 995-9700



Privates are our most popular sessions. In a private session you can optimize your time, reach your fitness goals and feel increased vitality very quickly. Private sessions are available to all levels of clients, from rehabilitation to super athlete. Our private sessions are also available online. 

Cost for a single private is $85 plus tax. If you choose to purchase a set of 10 Privates, you will receive one free Private as well as a free Spa service.

Cost for an ONLINE single private is $45 plus tax. 



Duets offer the student the opportunity to work at a different level of independence and to create and attain new goals. These sessions are for couples, friends or we can find you a duet partner. Our duet sessions are also available online.

Cost for single duet price is $60 plus tax. 

Cost for an ONLINE single duet price is $35 plus tax. 

Group Mat Classes:

ONLINE Group Mat Classes are held on Wednesday and Friday.

Single Class: $18 plus tax 
Package of 10: $150 plus tax 
Package of 20: $300 plus tax (Get ONE class FREE)


Beginning/Intermediate Group Reformer Classes:

Beg/Int Group Reformer Classes are held on Tuesday, and Thursday. 

Single Class: $35 plus tax 
Package of 10: $300 plus tax 
Package of 20: $600 plus tax (Get ONE class FREE)


Advanced Group Reformer Classes:

You must be approved to attend Group classes.

Adv. Group Reformer Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Single Class: $35 plus tax 
Package of 10: $300 plus tax 
Package of 20: $600 plus tax (Get ONE class FREE)


Special Classes Available Upon Request:

Pre and Post Natal, Ski Conditioning, Tennis, Golf, Dance, Preventing and Reversing Urinary Incontinence


Please see our schedule below for Group Class times.


Group Class Schedule:



8:00-8:50  AM  Advanced/Intermediate Group Reformer Class 



2:00-2:50 PM   Advanced/Intermediate Group Reformer Class

5:00-5:50  PM  Beginning/Intermediate Group Reformer Class

6:00-6:50  PM  Beginning/Intermediate Group Reformer Class 



7:00-7:50  AM  Advanced/Intermediate Group Reformer Class

8:00-8:50  AM  Advanced/Intermediate Group Reformer Class

1:00-1:50  PM  Advanced/Intermediate Group Reformer Class 

5:00-5:50  PM  Online Group Mat Class 



2:00-2:50  PM  Advanced/Intermediate Group Reformer Class

5:00-5:50  PM  Beginning/Intermediate Group Reformer Class

6:00-6:50  PM  Beginning/Intermediate Group Reformer Class



5:00-5:50  PM  Online Group Mat Class 



Please Call To Schedule A Group Class:

(505) 995-9700



Other Pilates services:

Wellness Pilates sessions are available for one hour.

Pilates Santa Fe offers a unique program to learn Pilates in the privacy of your own home. We can also guide and assist you in designing a complete Pilates fitness center in your home. We will provide you with an instructor two or three times a week to educate you and provide everything you need to experience the best Pilates with safety and fun.