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Pilates Certification Overview

The Pilates certification course offered by Pilates Santa Fe is the only course in the world which combines the curriculum of Romana Kryzanowska, Bruce King, Corola Trier, Kathy Grant, and Eve Gentry with influences from Ron Fletcher. These were some of the original students and Master teachers of Pilates.

Students who complete Pilates Santa Fe courses will learn the following: to teach the primary Pilates exercises, what the purpose of each exercise is, how to decrease or increase the difficulty, how to make corrections, to protect yourself and spot the client, the prime muscle movers, any precautions or contraindications and how to motivate the client. We will offer anatomy and physiology at Pilates Santa Fe.

Raymond Kurshals was the Vice President of Education, Video Media Supervisor and Equipment Designer/Consultant for the Institute for the Pilates Method, the first world wide organization for Pilates teachers and students. Raymond assisted in developing one of the first Pilates Certification Courses available to the public and is now used by Physical Mind Institute in New York City.

At Pilates Santa Fe we also add the values and principles of dance and many of the healing and wellness arts. This creates one of the very few complete Pilates experiences that follows Mr. Pilates real path and is now available to students. No other training is as comprehensive in its scope and depth of study. This course will help prepare the student for passing the Pilates Method Alliance Test.

Master Pilates teacher Raymond Kurshals, Founder and Director of the Pilates Santa Fe Program began his studies with Romana in New York City on the equipment built by Joe himself in 1973. Not satisfied with just Romana's approach he reached out to the other teachers taught by "Uncle" Joe Pilates.

Mr. Kurshals is also the only dancer in the world to have danced with Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor and Merce Cunningham. As well as many other dance, choreographic, acting, directing, producing credits and entrepreneurial businesses. He also realized one of Mr. Pilates dreams by becoming the first Pilates teacher to be an Olympic coach. He has also worked with professional athletes, US Military and Law Officials. He was invited to become a Pilates teacher for the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas NV.

His Licenses, Certifications' and studies in medical, health and wellness include Emergency Medical Technician (NM) Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Bowen, Byronomics, Trager, Cranial-Sacral, East Indian Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Body Alignment Technique, Low Level Laser Therapy, Osteopathic, Chiropractic (CA), the first Pilates teacher to be Brimhall Certified, Emotional Release Techniques and a broad array of equestrian therapy for the rider and horse.

Mr. Kurshals teaches throughout the world and has many corporate and private clients in the USA and abroad. Many of the weekend courses will be taught by him and the excellent teaching staff from Pilates Santa Fe.



1. Familiarity with Pilates Mat and Equipment exercises.

2. If the student will be fulfilling the certification requirements from another city a letter from a qualified Pilates studio is needed to accept overseeing and documenting the student. All associated fees for that studio are the responsibility of the student.

144 Lab hours

210 Student Teaching hours

50 Observation hours

140 Assisted Teaching hours

126 Minimum Personal Practice Class hours

670 Total hours

The Labs will be taught in eight weekend workshops over a four to five month period.


To be certified a student must:

1. Complete all eight labs including passing eight quizzes.

2. Complete all Student Teaching, Observing, Assisted Teaching and ongoing Personal Practice.

3. Pass a written True or False and Multiple-choice Test.

4. Pass three Practicums in teaching One on One, Group Classes, and Personal Competency.

5. Pass a written Essay.


Costs of Certification:

Eight Lab workshops $7,500.00

Manuals $240.00 ($40.00 per manual)

Tests $500.00 ($100.00 per test)


Payment and Refund Policy:

A non-refundable registration of $350.00 which will be applied towards the full tuition.

To reserve space in class a 25% deposit is required. At least 75% of Lab course fee must be paid on the first day of Lab. The remaining balance is due by Lab 3. All manuals are available.



There is no refund of the $350.00 registration fee at any time. If notified before 45 days of the first day of Lab 100% of deposit will be refunded. If notified between 45 and 30 days 75% will be refunded. If notified with less than 30 days 25% will be refunded. If notified by the first day of Lab or thereafter 0% will be refunded. However all fees may be used for a later certification course and may be transferred to an appropriate candidate at the discretion of Pilates Santa Fe.


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